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    Our eLicence, which comes as standard with any pack purchase, gives you as the Licencee the right to perform 'Follow The Star' up to five times within one year of purchase.


    The eLicence is valid from the date of purchase.


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About Follow The Star

Philip wrote 'Follow The Star' in 1984 for the Cherry Tree Nursery School, attended by his four year old son. The traditional nativity story is told through a few simple readings and seven separate songs, two of which are repeated with different lyrics.

It is composed deliberately for young children, from the age of three upwards, and has been performed at other schools by children aged up to 13 years.

The whole show lasts approximately 40 minutes, of which some 25 minutes is music. There is an emphasis on melody and rhythm throughout the show. A quick sample of each song is available by clicking more...

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